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(Site is updated yearly,
some links may be stale)

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Example Applications

Rexx can be used for almost any kind of application, system, or product.   Here are just a few examples of various applications written in Rexx... 
ooRexx at the European Patent Office, PDF file from Prof. Rony Flatscher, describes how patent professionals
             (not professional programmers!) have developed over 200,000 preparations in Rexx and ooRexx
Orde!, PPT file from Michiel van Hoom, describes Orde!, a system that organizes all data gathered during a system
             development project to produce design documents. Orde! exploits Rexx associative arrays in over
             35,000 lines of code.
PP: The Program Porting Machine, PPT file from Thomas Schneider, this NetRexx program translates between
             various programming languages and databases.
MUSIC/SP, a mainframe operating system with its entire user interface written in Rexx. More info on it here, and
             info and free download are
Using Rexx to Power a Web Site, by Jim Standley
EmTec sells a terminal emulation package called ZOC that uses classic Rexx as its scripting language.
             Full info including their Rexx tutorial, Rexx reference manual, and scripting examples are
A Rexx-based Application Server, PDF file from Don Bourdage and Michael Beer
What’s Right with Rexx-- Using Rexx for General Application Development, PDF file by Gil Barmwater
A NetRexx Application Using Hibernate and JSF, PDF file from Rene Jansen
Tracking Gas Balloons with Rexx, PDF file from Christian Michel
On Demand Computing with Rexx, PDF file from Michael Beer
A Rexx-based Intranet Solution, PDF file from Johann Taschler
A Large NetRexx Application, PDF file from Rene Jansen
A Large Mainframe REXX Application, PDF file from Anthony Rudd
DB-123: A New Tool for Database and IT Migrations, PDF file from Thomas Schneider
The Stellar Sector Generator, by Stephan Aspridis
PPWizard, a pre-processor for HTML, Rexx, Visual Basic, or any other kind of text file, by Dennis Bareis
MemoWiki, this “personal wiki” tool is written in Rexx.
DLS Change Management System for OPS/MVS, PDF file about automating OPS/MVS, from Freddy Sonnemans
Job Processing System (JPS), PDF file about a scheduler written in Object Rexx, file from Morten Mork
Open Source Telephony, PDF file about moving to open source using Object Rexx, from David Ruggles
Discover Real Problem Solving with ooRexx and Excel Automation, PDF file from Les Koehler
ZIP files

Macros Rexx

Rexx can be used as a macro language, a product-embedded scripting language. This means that you can use Rexx to “animate” or program any number of applications. Here are a few examples of Rexx as a macro language...

THE (The Hessling Editor), by Mark Hessling... macro information here.
PMGlobe, a programmable globe for Windows, by Michael Cowlishaw... macro information here.
Hack, a Windows hex/ascii editor... macro information here.
Kedit, an editor similar to Xedit.
PPWizard, a pre-processor for HTML, Rexx, Visual Basic, or any other kind of text file, by Dennis Bareis.
ZOC terminal emulator from EMTec uses Rexx scripting, read more on the Rexx aspects of it here.
Transforming The Hessling Editor (THE) to be more than just an editor by using Rexx macros, by Les Koehler
X2 Editor is free but not open source, runs on many operating systems, and supports Rexx macros
Rexx Macros Toolbox has sample macro code and free tools, by David McRitchie

OpenOffice Macros--- See dozens of object Rexx macros for OpenOffice suite components
here.  Find more
examples in
our section on object-oriented Rexx How-To’s.

Microsoft Office Macros-- see
our section on object-oriented Rexx How-To’s for examples of how to automate
Microsoft Office using Rexx scripts. You can script Word and Excel.   Rexx can be used for ActiveX and WSH scripts.

Mainframe Macros-- Rexx is the default macro language for mainframe products. Here are mainframe macros--

A simple example XEDIT macro with explanation, from Ian Collier
How to Write TSO/ISPF Editor Macros” from American Programmer
How to Write QMF Procs in Rexx” from American Programmer
How to Write Rexx Subroutines for QMF/CALC” from American Programmer


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