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     This site
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(Site is updated yearly,
some links may be stale)

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FREE How-to Guides and articles ---

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How to Fix PCs
Secure Home Network

Trends --

   Why I Use Generic Computers and Open Source Software
What Users Want -- Selecting a System for THEIR Needs
Smartphones Reignite the OS Wars
The Sins of Ubuntu
The Dream of Computing for Everyone
Which Linux Distro is Best?
Whats Happening with User Interfaces
US Voting Technology: Problems Continue
Scandal: Most "Recycled" Computers are Not Recycled!
Why People Troll and How to Stop Them
Smart Re-use with Open Source: Linux Goes Green
The Pleasures and Perils of Less Popular Distros
What Ever Happened to OS/2?
How Microsoft Missed the Next Big Thing
How Reusing Computers Helps the Environment

How-Tos --

Quick Guide to Fixing PC Hardware
How to Secure Your Home Network
How to Undo Unity (How to change the Unity interface)
How to Run Multiple OSs on One Computer
How to Revitalize Mature Computers
How to Save Energy When Using Your Computer
How to Tune Up Windows
How to Secure Windows
How to Tune Up Windows (e-book)
How to Secure Windows & Your Privacy (e-book)
How to Integrate SATA and IDE Drives
How I Revitalized a P-III
How I Revitalized a P-II Laptop
How to Install Puppy Linux

Database Administration --

   Database Vendors' Strategies for Open Source
Introducing: Express Databases
Free DB2!
Oracle 10g DBA Certification:
Everything You Need to Know
DB2 9 Certification: Everything You Need to Know
DBA Certification Secrets: How to Pass the Tests
DBA Certification: Test Taking and Study Tips

How to Revitalize Mature Computers --

   Four Lightweight Distros Compared
Computer Refurbishing: Environmentally
Bridging the Digital Divide
How to Revitalize Mature Computers
Puppy Linux: Top Dog of the Lightweights
Lubuntu: Finally, a Lightweight Ubuntu!
VectorLinux 7: Fast, Flexible, and Supported
Puppy Has a Litter (version 5)
Puppy Linux Review (version 4)
How I Revitalized a P-III
How I Revitalized a P-II Laptop
Puppy Linux: Great on Old PCs (v. 3)
Puppy Linux In Depth (v. 3)
How to Install Puppy Linux
Damn Small Linux: Still Damn Fun

Tech Investing --

How to Invest in Tech Stocks
Tech Stocks!
Tech Company Future, Pt. 2

Fun --

Computers on TV & in Movies, pt. 1
Computers on TV & in Movies, pt. 2

GUIs --

Xfce 4.10: Fast, Simple, Reliable
My Trip to GNOME: a 3.10 Review
Whats Happening With User Interfaces

Rexx --

   Quick Rexx Tutorial
Rexx: What You Need to Know
Why Rexx Scripting Means Fast Development
Free Rexx Runs Everywhere


   Download Free DB2
Download Free Oracle
Download Free SQL Server
Download Free MySQL

open consulting

I developed a business model I call open consulting.  Decide whether it will work for you ---        

open consulting
hype curves

Years ago I wrote an article for an obscure technical publication. The paper introduced a model for understanding how and why companies adopt new technologies. Called the hype curve, this model contrasts proven versus unproven technologies.  It presents a simple methodology to evaluate how useful various technologies are to organizations.

The hype curve concept found widespread success. It's been adopted and elaborated upon by the Gartner Group as their paradigm for understanding technology evolution (as
hype cycles). Silicon valley venture capitalists employ it in evaluating and marketing technology. Groups as far away as the Tasmanian and Russian governments have used it for managing technological change.

Download my original paper from 1992 below, and see the best-selling book that uses the paper as a starting point.

hype curves hype curves

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