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     This site
 (C) 2005 - 2019

The Rexx portion of this website is no longer maintained as of 2018.

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     This site
 (C) 2005 - 2019

The Rexx portion of this website is no longer maintained as of 2018.

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This site is no longer
maintained as of 2018.

About the Site Rexx

The purposes of this web site are to:

*  Introduce more people to the “joys of Rexx”    
     *  Provide a one-stop reference site for experienced Rexx, Object Rexx, and NetRexx developers
     *  Provide immediate online access to all free resources

Having programmed in dozens of languages, I consider Rexx to embody a special beauty. Call this a “Rexx tribute site” if you will. Long may it run!

This site is non-commercial. It does not include advertisements, it does not promote specific products.

Rexx Contact

Our email is webmasterA at the domain address RexxInfo.org. As of 2016, this is essentially a hobbyist web site so I only access this email yearly.

I’m sorry that I can not answer technical questions in a timely manner so please post them to an appropriate Forum rather than sending them to me.

Site Map

Home Page
     What’s Rexx?
     Free Rexx Book Download

Rexx Information page 1
     Best Practices
     Standards and Portability

Rexx Information page 2
     Download Rexx
     Download Tools
     Sample Code
     User Group
     Benchmark Your System with Rexx
     Book -- Rexx Programmer’s Reference
     More Books

Rexx Information page 3
     Example Applications

Rexx Information page 4
     How-To’s (miscellaneous)

Classic Rexx --
     Quick Look-up -- Instructions
     Quick Look-up -- Functions

Open Object Rexx
     Description and Links

     Description and Links

Scripting Languages
     The Rise of Scripting
     What is Scripting?
     Uses for Scripting
     Open Source Versus Proprietary Languages
     Open Source Scripting Languages
     Scripting Language Popularity
     Best Scripting Links
     Free Books on Scripting Languages
     The Best Books on Scripting Languages

How-To Guides and Articles (Topics other than Rexx)
     How-To Guides and Articles
     Download Free DB2, Oracle, SQLServer
     Open Consulting
     The Sociology of Technology Adoption
     How to Save on Home Energy Costs

More Rexx Topics

About this Site
     About this Site
     Contact Us
     Site Map
     What’s New at this Site    

What's New Rexx

02/26/2016 -- Yearly update, added Free download for the Rexx book, updated links, updated TIOBE index, more free downloads
01/22/2015 -- Yearly update, many minor updates, updated many links, more free downloads
01/24/2014 -- Updated, fixed links
07/16/2013 -- Many small improvements and updates
* Many small improvements, updated page 1, updated machine description
* Updated main page, added more free material, minor changes and updates
* Minor updates
* Removed any specific references or ads for my book, making the site completely non-commercial. It was felt that these references
   detracted from the goal of the site, which is to cover Rexx, not promote sales.
* Added new page for Open Object Rexx (with description and links)
* Added new age for NetRexx (with description and links)
* Restructured website for these two new pages
* Updated home page
* Major update release
* Site-wide reorganization
* Added many new links and a ton of new material, inc. new Books section
* Checked and manually verified all links
* Added new material from REXXLA
* Updated “Free How to Guides” page with more
* Added info for CRX open source and more on Android
* Rewrote Scripting Languages page, Updated the News page
* General update for accuracy, some new material
* Added Android info
*  Changed How To Guides page completely
*  Minor Rexx content additions
*  Added free guide “How to Tune Up Windows”
*  Minor updates
*  Added Quick Reference pages for standard REXX Instructions and Functions
*  Updated Extras page
*  Updated menu style
*  Added Quick Ref sections
*  Manually checked ALL external links
*  Added OORexx 4.0.1 news
*  Add a number of new external links
*  Added much new info to scripting languages page
*  Updated/verified links
*  Added Windows Tuning Guide, updated that page too
*  Minor updates
*  Checked all links, edited first page text
*  Added a new page on Scripting Languages
*  Added News as a separate new page and updated content
*  Added to News / Blog, also re-titled this from Blog
*  Major update and redo
*  Updated all links to the Rexx LA website
*  Updated other links (lots has changed in 2009!)
*  Added relevant news etc
*  General maintenance, updated blog (as always), etc
*  General maintenance, updated links, blog, etc
*  Updated the “freebies” page for better graphics, updated all tags, added DBA articles from DBAZine
*  Added MUCH new material, added links to REXX 2008 Symposium and OOREXX website
*  Dropped bad links from DBAZINE, redesigned “Howard on Software” page, added Windows Security & Privacy E-book
*  Redesigned for better display on Linux and MACs
*  Verified all links. Corrected some display formatting.   Added new columns.
*  Added new material, updated links
*  Added ooRexx 3.1.1 then 3.1.2 information, ooRexx Reference Card, 2007 Symposium announcement, etc
*  New column, updated links, added a few new links, etc.
*  Updated and verified many links (some RexxLA links particularly had changed.
*  Added new columns and several new links.  Spotlighted ooRexx tools by Rony Flatscher and his students.
*  Added a new Monthly column, added two new articles to the section on “How to Secure Your PC with Free Software
*  Added a number of new Rexx links.
*  Added new Monthly column, added several new links.  Added lots more goodies to “Howard on Software.”
*  Updated all ooRexx links for version 3.1, added monthly column, updated many links.
*  Added links to article on how to revive old laptops and article on “How to Secure Your
         Windows PC with Free Software”.   Added new ooRexx material by Prof Rony Flatscher and students.
*  Added 2006 Symposium material, D. Ruggles’ AJAX Tutorial with server-side object Rexx
*  Added much more to the Macros Section.
*  Added new monthly column, archived the old ones.
*  Added Rexx Macros section. Corrected “Rexx Tips and Tricks” references.
*  Added several more new Testimonials. Added other links and updates.
*  Added Prior Month columns, separated Manuals from Reference section
*  Added two new Testimonials, updated Commercial Tools and both Free Tools lists
*  Added many new links, checked all links to ensure they are valid and live
*  Added Monthly Column feature (appears irregularly but approximately monthly)
*  Added a Testimonials section
*  Added the Best Practices section
*  Added section how to benchmark your system using a Rexx program.
*  Added a section on Rexx standards and how to write portable code
*  Changed font to smaller size, as per feedback from users with small screens.
*  Better organized the How-To’s to separate classic and object Rexx sections, added more to Links.
*  Added many new items in many sections.
*  Added good mainframe, OS/2 and Amiga Rexx references.  Beefed these references up a bit.
*  Added several How-To’s based on work by Rony Flatscher’s students, especially on ooRexx
     with the Bean Scripting Framework (BSF) and how to program Open Office.
*  Added new information to the Rexx LA section.
*  Added several items to the page on “Howard on Software” including the material on
     free DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server databases, also “What I learned publicizing Rexx.”
*  Better described the ooRexx examples Lee Peedin offers for Windows,
   added this to the Sample Code section (in addition to listing under How-To’s)
*  Added this section to track what’s new in each revision of this web site.
*  Made several site corrections based on user feedback.
*  Added items to the page on “Howard on Software,” including “The Sociology of Technology Adoption” paper.
*  This web site is launched in full.   Added much new material to the pre-launch.
*    Pre-launch of this web site.

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