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Amiga Rexx -- or ARexx -- was initially implemented for the Amiga computer in 1987. It lives on today in several successor operating systems including AmigaOS 4 (aka AOS4), MorphOS, AROS, and aeROS (aka AEROS).

This page lists all resources for ARexx.


Beginners Guide to ARexx (by Mikael Lundin, 2016)
ARexx @Wikipedia


MorphOS @Wikipedia
ARexx Reference Guide (from MorphOS)

AmigaOS 4 (AOS4)

AOS4 @Wikipedia
ARexx -- Getting Started
ARexx -- Manual
ARexx -- Libraries
ARexx -- Interface


AROS @Wikipedia    
AROS @SourceForge
ARexx Tutorial (AROS) @Wikibooks
AROS topics index @Wikibooks

aeROS Project

aeROS -- EU Project Homepage
aeROS -- EU Project Summary
aeROS @ ArchiveOS
aeROS @ TTTech

Code Repositories

Aminet Code Repository
Search for "ARexx" @The Internet Archive
MorphOS @MorphOS Software(CZ)


Icaros Desktop (includes Downloads)

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