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Windows CE

This is just a description of the functions and installation procedure. is not intended to be a complete documentation for the Windows CE functions of BREXX.

WARNING function names might change in the next releases.

Any comments or ideas about the program and the CE version are very welcome.


The installation now is performed automatically through the setup.exe program. First download the appropriate package for your Windows CE device (HPC, HPCPRO, POCKETPC, PPC). Run the setup program on a windows machine with ActiveSync and follow the on screen instructions.

If the setup.exe program fails, extract the appropriate cab file from the ZIP archive, transfer it to the mobile device and execute it there.

The setup program performes the following:

  • Keyboard Accelerators
  • Alt-ASelect All
    Alt-BScrollbars On/Off
    Alt-CClear Screen
    Alt-CtrlPopup Menu
    Alt-KToggle stylus behaviour Marking or Panning
    Alt-L, Alt-+Increase (Larger) font size
    Alt-MToggle Menu's On/Off
    Alt-RRefresh Screen
    Alt-S, Alt--Decrease (Smaller) font size
    Alt-Stylus ClickPopup Menu
    Ctrl-Stylus ClickPaste
    Shift-Stylus MovePanning or selection (reverse setting)
    Stylus MoveSelection or panning


    You can either execute the brexx interpreter from
    Start -> Run...
    \Program Files\BRexxCE\brexxce.exe \Temp\MyProg.r arg1 arg2
    or if you have added in the registry the ".r" as an executable extension then you can just double click from the explorer the rexx program "\Temp\MyProg.r".

    If the path of your rexx program contains space characters, then you must use quotes. \...\brexxce.exe "\Program Files\BRexxCE\Progs\calc.r"

    Current Directory

    In Windows CE there is no current directory, the behavior of the current directory is emulated internally in the interpreter. Functions that are affected:


    Rexx is a text based language, (may be in the future I can add graphics, windows and dialogs), but for the moment the interpreter runs in a text window with 100 lines of text (This will be variable in next releases). The number of columns is variable depending of the dimensions of the screen. This will be an option in the registry, as well the selected font.

    Copy / Paste

    You can select a text to be copied in the clipboard with the pen/mouse by dragging a rectangular area. When the pen is lifted up, then the text in the selected area is immediately copied to Clipboard. NOTE that the region it doesn't remain high-lighted


    By pressing the ALT-key and tapping in the screen a small popup menu appears with several options

    CE Functions description

    The following functions are currently implemented in the CE version. Please note that names and functionality might change in the next releases.

    Console functions

    Returns the index of the background color.


    Changes the current directory to newdir if existing and returns the current working directory before the change.


    Clear the main window.


    Clear from cursor position until end of the line.


    Returns the index of the foreground color.


    Move cursor to x,y position on screen.


    Get character, from keyboard buffer. Special characters (like arrows) are returned with two calls in the GETCH() routine. The first returns zero char '00'x and then the actual value of the key being pressed.


    Returns 1 if a character is waiting in the keyboard buffer, else 0.


    Change the active color to foreground FG index and background BG. Returns the previous active color BG*16+FG. Colors are:
    0Black 8Dark Gray
    1Dark Red 9Red
    2Dark Green 10Green
    3Dark Yellow 11Yellow
    4Dark Blue 12Blue
    5Dark Magenta13Magenta
    6Dark Cyan 14Cyan
    7Gray 15White


    Sets the font size of the screen. Valid values are from 6 to 50pt.


    Enable or disable window scrollbars. Returns the current setting.


    Returns the position of the cursor on screen.

    File System functions

    Copy file srcfile to destfile.


    Move/Rename or Replace file srcfile to destfile.


    Delete the file file.


    Create a new directory directory.


    Remove the directory directory.


    Return a string containing the complete directory list. This list contains the file informations: size, date, attributes. The file entries are separated with a newline "\n" ('0A'x) character.

    Windows functions

    MSGBOX(text, title, [option])
    Displays a message box, containing text text and a title title. An optional integer option can be specified, to define the buttons and the icons that will be visible inside the messagebox. The options are the same as described in the Windows API, and a short list can be found in the lib/WinCE.r library file.


    Terminates and closes the text window


    Set the window title to title.

    WIN32 Related Functions

    CLIPBOARD([type|cmd [,data]])
    Get, Set, List or Clear the available data in clipboard.
    CLIPBOARD() returns a list of the available types in clipboard
    CLIPBOARD('L') -//-
    CLIPBOARD('C') clears all data in clipboard
    CLIPBOARD(13) gets the type 13=UNICODE text from clipboard
    CLIPBOARD(13,string) sets the type 13 with the data string.
    WARNING strings in Windows CE are UNICODED, while internaly in BRexx are ASCII. Functions A2U(), and U2A() should be used for translating.
    Some commonly used clipboard data formats can be found in lib/WinCE.r library file.

    Unicode Functions

    Returns the unicode version of the ascii-string.
    Returns the ascii version of the unicode-string.

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