A concise ooRexx Class reference in browser format, generated from the original chapter The Builtin Classes from the ooRexx Reference Guide.

The original documentation in XML format has been transformed into (X)HTML files with XSL-stylesheets and a freely available XSLT-processor called saxon, that you can find at Sourceforge.

The package has the following characteristics:

  • Uses up to 4 browser (tab)windows:

    1. One (tab)window to display an overview off all builtin classes.
    2. One (tab)window to display an overview of all methods (with a syntax diagram) for a particular class.
    3. One (tab)window to display detailed information about a particular method of a class.
    4. One (tab)window to display an overview of all the inherited methods for a particular class.

  • The Classes the Classes overview are sorted. The Methods in the Methods overview are sorted per subsection; subsections being:

    • Inherited Methods
    • Class Methods
    • Lumped Methods, such as Comparison Methods
    • Individual Methods

  • Links to items outside of the original Builtin Classes chapter in the Reference Guide can be recognized by their underscored bold blackness, but cannot (obviously) be linked to.

  • For some detailed method information, especially with the Stream, some level of details is heaped together.
  • Tested on Windows 7 with:

    1. Firefox 24.0
    2. Chrome 29.0
    3. Opera 16.0
    4. Safari 5.1.7
    5. Iron 22.0
    6. IE 10.0

If you feel like having this installed on your own webserver/computer, you can download this zipfile, which contains all the necessary files. Unzip the file into a directory on your webserver/computer you have access to. Point your browser at the index.html file in that directory and you are in business.

Have fun

Ruurd Idenburg ( ruurd@idenburg.net )