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new (Class Method)

                          |             +---------------+ |
                          |             V               | |
                          |               +-,argument-+   |

Initializes the message object for sending the message name [messagename] to object [target] .

The [messagename] can be a string or an array. If [messagename] is an array object, its first item is the name of the message and its second item is a class object to use as the starting point for the method search. For more information, see .

If you specify the Individual or Array option, any remaining arguments are arguments for the message. (You need to specify only the first letter; all characters following the first are ignored.)


If you specify this option, specifying [argument] is optional. Any [argument] s are passed as message arguments to [target] in the order you specify them.


If you specify this option, you must specify an [argument] , which is an array object. (See .) The member items of the array are passed to [target] as arguments. The first argument is at index 1, the second argument at index 2, and so on. If you omitted any indexes when creating the array, the corresponding message arguments are also omitted.

If you specify neither Individual nor Array, the message sent has no arguments.


This method does not send the message [messagename] to object [target] . The SEND or START method (described later) sends the message.

Read Me - Common Public License V1.0 - Copyright Notice(©)