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Returns a string value that is used as a hash value for MapCollections such as Table, Relation, Set, Bag, and Directory. MapCollections use this string value to hash an object for hash table-based searches.

Object implementations are expected to abide by a general contract for hash code usage:

  • Whenever hashCode is invoked on the same object more than once, hashCode must return the same hashcode value, provided than none of the internal information the object uses for an "==" comparison has changed.
  • If two object instances compare equal using the "==" operator, the hashCode methods for both object instances must return the same value.
  • It is not required that two object instances that compare unequal using "==" return different hash code values.
  • Returning a wide range of hash values will produce better performance when an object is used as an index for a MapCollection. A return value of 4 string characters is recommended. The characters in the hash value may be any characters from '00'x to 'ff'x, inclusive.

Read Me - Common Public License V1.0 - Copyright Notice(©)