Rexx Free Tools

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This index does not include all the tools available through this website -- but it may still be helpful.

Look also in the mainframe tools index for tools written and tested specifically on mainframes.


ARexx  (Amiga scripts and tools)
Audio / Speech
BNF4OOo  (BNF parser)
BSF4ooRexx  (ooRexx to Java bridge)
BSF4Rexx  (Rexx to Java bridge)
CRC  (Cyclic Redundancy Check)
CGI  (Common Gateway Inteface)
CSV files  (manage spreadsheet files)
CURL  (data transfer protocols)
Curses  (terminal control)
Data Access Methods
EEC  (Encrypt / Encode / Compress)
FileUt  (I/O enhancements)
GCI  (Generic Call Interface)
gd  (graphic images manipulation)
Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)
Hercules (Mainframe emulator)
IDE's (Integrated Development Environments)
Image Manipulation
IRC  (Internet Relay Chat)
Java Interfaces
Java2D  (create Java2D graphics and animations)
JSON interface
LSP  (Language Server Protocol (generic editor interface))
Mainframe-specific Tools
Math Libraries
Miscellaneous Tools & Scripts
Mod_Rexx for Apache
MySQL  (MySQL database interface)
NetRexx Tools
ODBC  (data access method)
ooDialog  (GUI)
ooSQLite  (data access method)
oorexx-buildutils  (ooRexx build-utilities package for Windows)
oorexxunit  (ooTest framework)
OORexDoc  (analyzes & documents Rexx/ooRexx programs)
OS/2 -- eCS -- ArcaOS Tools
Pashua  (binding for Mac OS X GUI)
PDF files
PHP  (use native Rexx commands inside PHP programs)
Regular Expressions
RegUtil, RexxUtil  (System-related functions originally native in OS/2)
Repositories of Tools
REXX Speech  (speech synthesis)
Rexx/CSV  (spreadsheet files)

See CSV Files

Rexx/EEC  (encryption etc)


Rexx/JSON interface




REXXIO for Windows and OS/2
RexxRE (regular expressions)
RexxScript (via javax.script package)
REXXTAGS (a Rexx server pages compiler)
REXXTRY (interactively run Rexx statements online)
RxComm  (serial port access)
RxIni  (read INI files in OS/2)
RxMIDI and RxMidiIo (the MIDI musical interface)
RxSock  (sockets)

See Sockets

RxTwain  (gets images from cameras etc)
RxWav  (manage audio files)
RxZip and RxUnzip (manipulate ZIP files)
SOAP (interface to Simple Object Access Protocol)
Sockets (tcp/ip communications)
Sorting Programs
SPF Editor
SQL  (database access)
TK  (graphics)
Trans  (translates Rexx API calls across interpreters)
WMIGen  (WMI code generator)
Wrapper  (wraps Rexx source or tokens into an executable)
W32funcs  (Windows Registry functions)

XML Parser

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