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Join the Rexx Language Assocation Ask Questions at the RexxLA Forum Mainframe Expert Rexx Forum Regina Rexx Homepage Open Object Rexx Homepage NetRexx Homepage Rexx Homepage at IBM CBTTAPE -- Many Mainframe Tools Manmrk Rexx Resources Ruurd Idenburg Website EDM/2 Homepage with many obsolete Rexx Resources Old RexxInfo Website

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Job interview questions and answers for mainframe REXX Job interview questions and answers for Classic Rexx LinkedIn Jobs searched for 'Rexx' Dice Jobs searched for 'Rexx' Naukri Jobs searched for 'Rexx'

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A History of Rexx Mike Cowlishaw's Original 1984 Paper on REXX Mike Cowlishaw Interview (2004) Mike Cowlishaw on 40 Years of Rexx Download DOS Rexx's from the 80's Benchmark Your Computer